Artist Talk by Liu Yajing



Yajing LIU is a photographer and a PhD candidate at the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her photographs have been awarded, published and screened in many awards, magazines, solo and group exhibitions internationally. To name a few, Donggang International Photo Festival, Pingyao International Photo Festival, 25th National Photographic Art Exhibition in China, Humanity Photo Performance Awards in the UNESCO Humanity Photo Award 2013, FOTOFILMIC 2017 Summer Winner.

Since 2007, Yajing has been documenting disappearing and heritage-listed seaweed houses in Shandong province China. She has visited more than 100 villages, photographed and investigated details of seaweed houses, including residential life, architecture, oral history, and culture traditions. In this talk, Yajing will speak on her long-term seaweed house projects, from her documentary works to her artistic hand colored images.

Date : 30th September 2017 @2pm
Venue : Loke Wan Tho Gallery