Outdoor Portrait Workshop

January 17, 2016
2 days


Selegie Arts Centre   View map



2 Days Outdoor Portrait Workshop


(17 & 24 Jan 2016, Sunday 2.30pm to 7pm.)

For enrollment call 6334 3361 from 2pm to 7pm.

This 2 days workshop covers Outdoor Portrait Lighting Technique and Post Processing for Portraiture.

Capturing beautiful moments of a person in an outdoor environment can be very challenging but it is also a very enjoyable and rewarding task.

Follow the simple methods developed by the professional photographer, you will find how simple it is to resemble techniques used in portrait photography like the Rembrandt and Butterfly lighting. You will learn how to observe the light changes and use portable flashlight with different light modifiers to improve the image quality on location.

The unique post processing session will guide you through an automated retouching “action” which will make your portraitures even more appealing with a few simple brushes.

Note : If you are a PSS Ordinary Member (Not Facebook group member) whom wants to register and pay online, please use this (000074/01/2016) as your membership number. Please also print out a copy of your PayPal payment receipt and bring it along with you on the actual day of shoot as verification of payment.