"Photographic Societies in Singapore – 50 years of community service and beyond" - curated by Vincent Liew



Photographic societies have been in existence as early as 1950. They play a dual role in developing the art and craft of photography and fostering fellowships across all walks of life in Singapore. With the onset of the digital era, photographic societies in Singapore began to reinvent themselves. The need for transformation had become immediately imperative and the societies actively sought out strategies that can help them remain relevant to the community. This exhibition is curated by Vincent Liew, who intended the exhibition to symbolize the tenacity of the 3 most established societies in Singapore in weathering social and technological changes, and continuing to remain relevant to the community. In no specific order, the Singapore Colour Photographic Society, Photo-art Association of Singapore and The Photographic Society of Singapore. The exhibition also signifies the cordial relationship shared between the 3 societies and the potential for greater partnerships to lead the photography community in Singapore.