Capturing the beautiful moment of a person in an outdoor environment is a challenging task. With a few simple methods developed by the Instructor, you will find how simple it is to produce techniques used in portraits including Rembrandt and Butterfly lighting effects.

Participants will be trained to observed sunlight, experience how it affects the portrait and how to use portable flashlight with different light modifiers to improve on location image quality.

A field trip with model will be led by the instructor for hands-on session.


Course Syllabus

Day 1- (2pm to 4pm)

  • Getting started and workflow
  • Histogram reading and correct exposure
  • High speed flash, filters

Portrait Lighting Technique

  • Rembrandt and Butterfly Lighting
  • Light modifiers, reflectors
  • Speedlight and Portable flash unit
  • Preparation for a shoot

Day 1 – (5pm to 8pm)

Field trips portrait under daylight and sunset
Apply techniques learned in the course

Day 2 – (2pm to 3pm)

Photo Review and Critique

  • The Art of Selection
  • The Art of Cropping

Day 2 – (3pm to 6pm)

Post Processing

  • Camera Raw
  • Skin Retouching, Smoothen, Whitening
  • Layer and Masking
  • Creating Automate ”Action”


Upon completion of the course, participants are required to submit a set of 6 mounted photos prints for assessment (size 8′ x 10′ or 8′ x 12′). Course certificates will only be awarded upon successful submission and grading of course works.

**Pre-requisite: Participants are required to bring their laptop with Photoshop CS2 – 6 installed on Day 2.


Course Details

Duration         :  2 Days Workshop

CourseFees :
$290/member, $330/non-member (for advance payment)
$300/member, $340/non-member (payment on course start date)