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1.1 The name of the Society shall be “The Photographic Society of Singapore” (hereinafter in these Rules referred to as “the Society”).
2.1 Its place of business shall be the address registered with the Registrar of Societies, Singapore.
3 Vision
3.1 To be the leading photographic organisation of choice in Singapore and the region for professional and aspiring photographers.
3.2 Provide for its members such of the normal facilities of a photographic Society as its finances shall permit.
3.3 Organise photographic exhibitions, competitions, seminars or other photographic events of national,regional, or international nature.
4.1 To promote the appreciation and practice of different fields of photography.
4.2 To create a platform to develop the photographic potential of members.
5.1 The emblem of the Society shall be the camera shutter with the Lion of Singapore profile and the words “PSS”.
6.1 Membership of the Society shall be open to any person or organisation interested in photography. There shall be seven categories of membership, namely:-
6.2 Ordinary Members: Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are 18 years of age and have been a member for 6 months shall have voting rights and the rights to hold office;
6.3 Junior Members: Singapore citizens and permanent residents who shall be under 18 years of age and shall have the privileges of Ordinary Members except that they cannot hold office in Council and shall have no nomination or voting rights;
6.4 Life Members: Members who had been Ordinary Members of good standing for a minimum period of three years and have had their applications for Life Membership approved by the Council. Life Members shall possessall the privileges of Ordinary Members and shall have voting rights;
6.5 Corporate Members: Organisations registered with ACRA Singapore may nominate a representative to attend any general meeting of the Society, but shall have no voting rights nor shall they hold any office in the Society;
6.6 Affiliate Members: Photographic societies in any overseas country or in Singapore who have their application for affiliation to the Society approved by the Council, but shall have no voting rights nor shall they hold any office in the Society;
6.7 Overseas Members: Non Singapore citizens and non-permanent residents who are not residing in Singapore, or those residing in Singapore but are not permanent residents; may not hold office nor have any nominating rights or voting rights;
6.8 Honorary Life Members: Persons who have rendered distinguished service to the Society or to photography and have been elected by the Council. Honorary Life Members shall possess all the privileges of Ordinary Members.
6.9 All applications for any class of membership shall be subjected to the approval of the Council.
7.1 The annual subscription for all categories of members shall be determined by the Council. The Council may from time to time vary the entrance fees and subscriptions payable for membership for such period as it may deem fit.
All subscriptions are payable in advance.
7.2 The income and property of the Society whensoever derived shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects of the Society as set forth in this Constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend or bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the persons who at any time are or have been members of the Society or to any of them or to any person claiming through any of them.
8.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held by end of May of each year and at such meeting, the Report and Statement of Accounts of the Council shall be received and adopted.
The election of office bearers shall be conducted once in every two years during the Annual General Meeting.
8.2 An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened whenever the Council shall deem it desirable; or at the request in writing of not less than one-quarter of total membership eligible to vote or 30 such members of the Society, whichever is lower, stating the reason for such meeting, which shall take place within 21 days of such request.
All the members whom requested to convene the Extraordinary General Meeting will have to be present at the meeting.
8.3 The Notice to convene any General Meeting shall be posted at least fourteen days before the date of such meeting.
8.4.1 At any General Meeting one-quarter of the members eligible to vote or 30 such members of the Society, whichever is lower, shall form a quorum.
8.4.2 In the absence of a quorum, the Meeting shall be adjourned for 30 minutes, and should the number of members present still be insufficient to form a quorum, those present shall then be considered a quorum, but they shall have no power to alter, amend or make additions to these Rules.
9.1 The Society shall be managed by a Council consisting of members who shall be elected at alternate Annual General Meetings:-President
Vice Presidents (2)
Honorary Secretary
Assistant Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Assistant Honorary Treasurer
Council Members (6)
9.2 Nomination of office bearers in the Council for election in the Annual General Meeting:-.
9.2.1 (a) Each Office Bearer shall be nominated and seconded by one or more members who has voting right;
9.2.2 (a) To be eligible as a member of the Council, (excluding the posts of President, Vice President,Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer), a person shall have been an Ordinary Member of the Society for a period of at least six months;
9.2.3 To qualify for nomination for the post of President, a person shall have been an ordinary member for a minimum period of thirty-six months, of which twelve months shall have been a member of the Council.
9.2.4 To qualify for nomination for the post of Vice-President, Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer, a person shall have been an ordinary member for a minimum period of twenty-four months, of which twelve months shall have been a member of the Council.
9.2.5 All the office bearers, except the Honorary Treasurer, may be re-elected to the same or related post for a consecutive term of office. The term of office for the council is two years.
9.3 The method of election of office bearers shall be by simple majority votes at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of a tie, re-votes shall be taken to determine who shall be the successful candidate.
9.4 A firm of Certified Public Accountants shall be appointed as Auditors, for a term of one (1) year, at each Annual General Meeting to audit the accounts of the Society. The Auditors may be re-appointed from year to year not exceeding five (5) years consecutively. They will be required to audit each year’s accounts and present a report upon them to the Annual General Meeting; and may be required by the President or Council to audit the Association’s accounts for any period within their tenure of office at any date and make a report to the Council.
9.5 The Council shall meet at least once a month and more often if it deems necessary. A notice of at least seven days shall be given for a Council Meeting.
9.6 Any council member absent himself from two consecutive monthly meetings without a satisfactory explanation shall be considered as having resigned voluntarily from the Council.
9.7 At the meeting of the Council, half of the current number of council members shall form a quorum.
10.1 The Council shall manage the affairs of the Society and make such standing orders as it deems necessary for the management of the Society.
10.2 The Council may fill any vacancy which arises in its membership, including office bearers. Council members appointed in this way shall hold office until the next following election during AGM at which they will be eligible for re-election. The Registry of Societies shall be notified of all changes in Council membership.
10.3 The Council may appoint a member to represent the Society at any organisation which the Council deems fit.
10.4 The Council may meet any expenses for the requirements of the Society by authorising payment for the same from the funds of the Society.  All funds of the Society shall be deposited in the name of the Society with a bank or other financial institution approved by the Council.  Cheques drawn on the account of the Society shall be signed jointly by one signatory each from the following two groups:-Group A: Honorary Treasurer and Asst. Honorary Treasurer; and

Group B: President, Vice President and the Honorary Secretary.

10.5 Employ staff and contract services as the Council may deem fit.
11.1 The President shall chair all Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and all other meetings of the Council. He shall also represent the Society in its dealings with outside persons and bodies.
11.2 Either Vice-Presidents may deputise for the President in his absence with such authority as might be delegated by the President.
11.3 The Honorary Secretary shall keep all records of the Society (other than financial records) and shall be responsible for their accuracy.  He shall ensure that minutes of all General and Council meetings are properly prepared and retained and shall attend to the general business of the Society.
11.4 The Assistant Honorary Secretary shall assist the Honorary Secretary in the discharge of his duties.
11.5 The Honorary Treasurer shall keep all the funds of the Society, collect and disburse all money on behalf of the Society and shall maintain an account of all monetary transactions of the Society and shall be responsible for its correctness. A sum of $1,000 at any one time from the funds of the Society may be kept in the custody of the Society’s staff as Petty Cash and which shall be accounted for.
11.6 The Assistant Honorary Treasurer shall assist the Honorary Treasurer in the discharge of his duties.
11.7 The Council Members shall assist the key office bearers in managing the Society’s affairs, as well as organising events and activities to achieve the aims of the Society.
12.1 The Board shall comprises of Ten (10) members:-
Seven (7) members appointed by the Council, the President and Two (2) office bearers as appointed by the Council.
12.2 Members of the Board will appoint among themselves a Chairperson who will chair meetings of the Board.
12.3 Members of the Board shall take up office contemporaneously with the Council’s tenure.
12.4 The Board shall have the following duties:
12.4.1 To help chart the strategic growth and development of the Society; and
12.4.2 To share experience, raise vital resources, implement programme goals & advise on issues raised bythe council.
12.5 Other than the office bearers, the rest of the Board Members shall not hold any executive powers, and shall not be involved in the day-to-day management of the Society.
12.6 The Board shall meet at least thrice a year.
13.1 Honorary Patron – a person in good standing who, in the opinion of the Council, can enhance the reputation of the Society and contribute to its progress by contributing in kind or a monetary sum of no less than S$50,000, shall be eligible for appointment by the Council as  a Honorary Patron of the Society.
14.1 If the Society at any time acquires any immovable property, such property shall be vested in the Trustees subject to a declaration of trust.
14.2 Any Trustee may at any time resign his trusteeship by notifying the Council in writing.  If a Trustee dies or is otherwise incapable of performing his or her duties as a Trustee, such as becoming unsound of mind or had moved permanently or is absent from the Republic of Singapore for a period of one year, shall be deemed to have resigned his or her trusteeship.
14.3 If a Trustee is found guilty of misconduct of such kind as to render it inappropriate that he continues as a trustee, a General Meeting may remove that person from trusteeship.
14.4 Vacancies in the trusteeship may be filled at a General Meeting, but the number shall not be greater than five or less than two.
14.5 Notice of any proposal to remove a trustee from his trusteeship or to appoint a new trustee to fill a vacancy must be given by affixing in the premises of the Society a document containing such proposal at least two weeks before the meeting at which the proposal is to be discussed. The result of such meeting shall then be notified to the Registrar of Societies.
14.6 The Registrar of Societies shall be notified of the address of the Society’s immovable property, names of its trustees and subsequent changes.
15.1 Unless the Honorary Secretary shall have been notified in writing it shall be presumed that the last known registered address of a member in the Books of the Society is the correct address for all purposes of correspondence and communication.
15.2 Any member of the Society wishing to resign from the Society shall give notice of his desire to do so, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary and a member shall not be deemed to have resigned in the absence of such notice.
16.1 The Council shall have the power, after proper enquiry, to expel from the Society any member whose conduct has been found, by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members of the Council present at the enquiry, prejudicial to the interests of the Society.
16.2 The Council shall ensure that at the enquiry the member in question is afforded an opportunity to be heard and to state his or her case.
16.3 No refund of entrance fee, advance subscription or life membership subscription shall be made to a member expelled by the Council.
17.1 Gambling in any form shall not be permitted in the premises of the Society.
17.2 The funds of the Society shall not be used to pay the fines of members who have been convicted in court.
17.3 The Society shall not attempt to restrict or in any other manner interfere with trade or prices or engage in any trade union activity, as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.
17.4 The Society shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.
17.5 The Society shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purposes without the prior approval in writing from the Assistant Director of Operations, Licensing Division, Singapore Police Force and other relevant authorities, where necessary.
No alterations or additions to these Rules shall be made except at a General Meeting with a full quorum present, and they shall not come into force without the prior sanction of the Registrar of Societies.
19.1 The Society shall not be dissolved except with the consent of not less than three-fifths of the members  of the Society eligible to vote for the time being and being residents in Singapore expressed either in person or by proxy at a General Meeting convened for the purpose, or by postal vote.
19.2 In the event of the Society being dissolved in the manner provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Society shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds will be divided equally amongst the members.
Notice of dissolution shall be given within seven days of the dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.
20.1 When any matter not provided for in the Rules arises, the Council shall have the power to use its own discretion to dispose of or settle the same.
20.2 The authentic text of these Rules shall be the English text.