Rental (Studio, Gallery and Classrooms)

Studio Rental

Photo Studio

Our Photo Studio is equipped with 3 wireless strobe lights that are mounted on a professional ceiling rail system. The rail system offers precise positioning of strobe lights and reflectors with ease. It also eliminates the clutter of power cables and light stands that are frequently lying on the floor area.


A) Weekdays – S$35 per hour

B) Weekends – S$45 per hour

Please Contact Us for booking information.

Gallery Rental

Loke Wan Tho Gallery

Our exhibition gallery was named in memory of our former Vice President and most distinguished member, Datok Loke Wan Tho.

Beside photography exhibitions, the gallery is open to all other art forms including but not limited to different genres of Fine Art, Visual Art, Calligraphy, Crafts, Dance, small Performances and Music. It is also available for use as a venue for Product Launches, Seminars, Talks, Workshops or general meetings and small functions.


Please Contact Us for more information.



– S$400 per day (non-commercial use for arts group)

– S$800 per day (commercial use for arts group)



– S$500 per day (non-commercial use for arts group)

– S$1000 per day (commercial use for arts group)

Classroom Rental

Lecture Rooms

Do you need a place to deliver your art lessons or workshops?

Our lecture rooms are available for rental to art teachers whom wish to conduct art lessons or workshops. The rooms are equipped with a LED TV, chairs and power sockets to support your teaching needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have other enquiries on other usage purpose.


A) Weekdays – S$15 per hour

B) Weekends – S$30 per hour

*minimum of 2 hours per booking.

Please Contact Us for booking information.


Professional Competition Management & Judging Services

Your 1-Stop Solution for Photography Competitions

We offer professional Photography Competition Management expertise to support all kinds of photographic competitions at both national and international level.

The Society had organised and managed all kinds of photography competitions for the last 62 years. We are confident that our comprehensive knowledge and technology can help you to organise a successful photography competition to achieve your corporate objectives.

We also offer professional Judging services. Our Judges are highly qualified individuals whom had won numerous international awards and/or have attained scores of international photography accolades as well as distinctions.


A) Per Section/Theme – S$2000 (maximum of 1500 images)

B) Professional Judges – S$280 per Judge (maximum of 1500 images)

Let us know your budget and we will help you to work-out a suitable package. Simply Contact Us for more information.

Customised Photography Lessons & Workshops

We can offer Private Lessons for Individuals or Workshops for Groups

PSS had been conducting photography courses and workshops for more than 5 decades. We have experience and highly trained Photography Instructors who can deliver effective photography education to a wide range of audiences.

Our Photography Instructors possess internationally recognised photography distinctions and are reputable individuals within the photography community.

For information on our current Standard Photography Courses please Click Here!

If you require custom Lessons, Seminars, Talks or Workshops please Contact Us!

For further information, please call us at Tel: (+65) 6334 3361 or Email Us!

Club House Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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